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Why You Shouldn't Buy Followers for Your Business

Buying follows and likes is an easy way to increase your social media numbers, but can ultimately hurt your business.

Having a lot of fans and followers via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms make your business look good, and many businesses are desperate to appear this way to the public.

An easy way to gain followers is to buy them. In fact, if you type "buy likes and followers" into search engines, many different companies pop up that appeal to new businesses looking to grow their online presence.

Even though this is an easy way to increase your online presence, everyone should consider the drawbacks of buying followers.

1. Bought fans don't increase business.

Buying fans will definitely spike your numbers, but it does nothing for engagement. You are essentially paying for your profile to look good to the public. These fans will like or follow you, but the spike in fan count will not be balanced with a spike in mentions, page views, or interactions. You can lie about the amount of followers you've rightfully gained, but you wouldn't be able to back up those followers with tangible business. Fake followers don't lead to real money.

2. Think about where the fans are coming from.

Most companies offer as much as 10,000 targeted fans, and you might wonder where they all come from. While all companies will claim they don't spam to deliver likes and followers, the large number is certainly questionable.

3. You could be scamming your own business.

People who buy likes, followers, and website traffic are essentially scamming themselves and their customers. People who buy fans take the easy way out, and as a result, may continually believe that there is an easy way out in other areas of the business. Those who work hard for their fans naturally acquire motivation and a sincere work ethic that will drive them and their business further.

4. If the truth is revealed, it doesn't look good.

Buying followers gives an unhealthy example of what type of people will be following you, and also reflects poorly on your character. Overly high follower counts and likes naturally seem fishy to people, unless you are a celebrity. People who are interested will skim through your fans and be able to tell the real from the fake.

Final Thoughts

Buying followers on social media can ultimately hurt your business. It is better to gain followers in an organic way. To do this, you should share vibrant and dynamic content, use trending hashtags, share your location, ask your current audience what they want to see (which will increase engagement), etc. If you really want a fast increase in followers and engagement, then pay for promotions on whichever social media platform you're using. This will also increase your following and online presence in an organic way.

Now you may be wondering why it is okay to pay for advertisements but not for followers, and that is because paying for advertisements will promote your business to real users on that platform. This will give you an increase in real likes, follows, and all around engagement. Whereas purchasing followers will just increase your numbers, but not engagement.

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