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Public Relations & Marketing Strategies Artists Should Implement Daily

A look at five public relations (PR) and marketing strategies that artists use to be more successful, with pro tips.

In my previous blog post I went over why artists should use PR to build their brand. PR and marketing are major components when it comes to launching a successful career as an artist. In this blog post I will share five PR and marketing strategies that artists should implement daily, with some pro tips:

1. Market yourself and your work!

If you want to share your art with the public, if you want to support yourself through your art, and if you want your art to also be your career – you need to market. Successful artists understand this.

2. Know you cannot do it alone.

Successful artists realize that it’s smarter and more effective to work with a PR specialist/firm and/or a team of marketing professionals. Even if you know and understand PR and marketing, understand that working with a team will be more effective and will save time because marketing and PR are full time jobs on their own.

Pro Tip: Find a team or consultant you’re comfortable working with. That way you can focus on your art.

3. Hire a PR specialist/firm or marketing consultant and work with them daily.

Stick to the plan and stay present. Understand that you play a role in the marketing and PR campaign. Listen to your team and work with them strategically and patiently.

Pro Tip: You can’t hire a specialist and walk away. You must work hand-in-hand with your consultant because that leads to successful media relations and marketing campaigns.

Pro Tip: Don’t hire a PR specialist/firm or marketing consultant and then disregard all of their expert advice and decide to dictate how the campaign is going to be run. Don't waste your time and money if you are not willing to utilize their expertise and listen to their advice.

4. See a campaign through from beginning to finish; stick to your vision and see the big picture.

Understand that PR, media, and marketing campaigns take time. There will be small hits and big hits, and they are all important and a part of the big picture.  Don’t hire a PR specialist/firm or marketing consultant and then stop, just as the campaign begins to take off.

Pro Tip: Don't stop when your media campaign is working, you want to keep that momentum going.

5. Write out your vision and set goals.

Be optimistic, but also realistic. Understand that not any one particular strategy is the key to success. It requires a combination of media hits, social media campaigns, and so much more!

It's time to get serious about marketing you, your art, and your brand.

The purpose of my blog is to inform and hopefully excite you about everything PR, as well as to entice you to seek a PR specialist to help with your brand. So please visit my blog again to find out more about PR.

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