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How To Find the Right Public Relations Agency

Suggestions on how to find a public relations (PR) firm or specialist for your brand.

I have covered an array of topics pertaining to PR. By now, you should know what PR is, what the disciplines of PR are, why you should use PR and how you can use it, PR and marketing strategies to help you be more successful, how to create a social media strategy, and the social media analytics tools to measure the success of your social media strategy. In this blog post, I will provide you with some tips on how to find the perfect PR firm/specialist for your brand.

1. Where to Look

There are so many PR firms and specialists to choose from. Talk to your business associates, networking contacts, and advertising agents to get recommendations.

Pro Tip: Check out Find-A-Firm, a comprehensive database of PR firms where you can search for potential agencies.

2. Determine Your Budget

It is best to work with a specialist if you have a monthly budget of $1000 or less, rather than a full-service agency. Boutique agencies usually charge around $5000 a month, plus expenses. Global firms can charge $25,000+ per month.

Pro Tip: Be upfront about how much you can spend; it saves everyone involved time and effort when you do.

3. Establish PR Goals

What do you want the firm/specialist to accomplish? Do you want them to generate media placements, attain speaking engagements, increase social media engagement, etc.? Determining what you want to be accomplished is a necessary beginning step.

4. Do Your Research

Research the PR firm/specialist before signing a contract. Find out what kind of results they delivered for current and past clients and examine their websites and social media pages.

Pro Tip: Look to see if they highlight case histories and testimonials – in other words, third-party proof that support their stated skills and underscore their credibility.

5. Find Out If You're Compatible

You guys are partners; your success is their success. Request an in-person meeting to see how well you get along. A successful relationship involves personal interaction, and truly liking and respecting each other creates a stronger working relationship.

6. Get a PR Proposal

You should receive a plan that contains an objective and strategies and tactics. A proposal is a road map to ensure that expectations on both sides are in sync.

Pro Tip: A proposal should allow for adjustments to ensure that objectives are met in a sometimes fluid market.

The purpose of my blog is to inform and hopefully excite you about everything PR, as well as to entice you to seek a PR specialist to help with your brand. So please visit my blog again to find out more about PR.

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