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How Artists Can Use Public Relations

A list of examples of how artists can utilize public relations (PR).

In my last blog post I went over some PR and marketing strategies that artists should implement daily, which was a pretty lengthy post, but was filled with useful information, and because of that, this blog post will be short and sweet and straight to the point because it is self explanatory. In this blog post, I will provide a list of some ways that you, as an artist, can use PR to tell the public what you have been up to. I've talked about what PR is, the disciplines of PR, and why artists should use PR, but now I want to give you easy examples of how you can utilize PR on your own.

Examples of how you can use PR to tell what is going on in your world:

  • New projects, art or products you have developed or you are currently working on

  • Your shows, exhibits and where you will be

  • The hiring of new employees or opening a new studio or retail location

  • Awards or honors you have received

  • Collaboration with other individuals or organizations

  • Community activities or groups that you are involved with

  • Panels and group discussions you participate in

  • Feature articles about you and your work

The purpose of my blog is to inform and hopefully excite you about everything PR, as well as to entice you to seek a PR specialist to help with your brand. So please visit my blog again to find out more about PR.

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