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Disciplines of Public Relations

A quick description of the roles of a public relations (PR) specialist and the areas of expertise a PR specialist has to offer.

In my last post, we took a look at what PR is and why your brand needs it, and in that post I mentioned that there were different disciplines of PR. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at these disciplines.

Roles of a PR Specialist

There are a number of things that a PR specialist is responsible for. A PR specialist anticipates, analyzes, and interprets public opinion, attitudes, and issues that might have an impact on the operations and plans of an organization. They offer counseling management and protect the reputation of an organization. PR specialists research, conduct, and evaluate programs of action and communications to contribute to the success of an organization’s goals through marketing, financials, community or government relations, and other programs. Planning and implementing an organization’s efforts to influence public policy are other roles of a PR specialist. They also set objectives, plan, budget, recruit, and train staff, and oversee content creation to drive customer engagement and generate leads.

Disciplines of PR

Below is a list of the areas of expertise a PR specialist has to offer:

1. Corporate Communications 2. Crisis Communications

3. Executive Communications 4. Internal Communications

5. Media Relations 6. Content Creation

7. Events 8. Social Media

9. Multimedia 10. Reputation Management

11. Speech writing 12. Brand Journalism

13. Marketing Communications

14. Investor Relations Communications

15. Integrated Marketing/Integrated Marketing Communications

The purpose of my blog is to inform and hopefully excite you about everything PR, as well as to entice you to seek a PR specialist to help with your brand. So please visit my blog again to find out more about PR.

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